1. How long do my GIFs are stored on the server?
If you are not registered your GIF will be auto deleted in 24 hours.
If you have an account your GIF will be auto deleted ONLY IF during 3 monthes you will not login to your account and no one will watch the GIF.
2. How can I delete my GIF?
There are several ways. And no reason to worry anyway.
Just after you've created a GIF you may find "DELETE" link on the result page.
If you decided to delete your animation later, you can always contact us with a request.
Please, notice, that registered users have access to all their GIFs and can delete any of them anytime.
3. I have a improving suggestion, found a bug or would like to send us a feedback.
Please, do not hesitate to contact as via contact form.
We highly appreciate any email from you!