Convenient and the fastest way to make a gif from your photos.

To create animation click
Drag images to change order
Check to make GIF private. Send link to the GIF to your friends to share.Only you and your friends will see the GIF
Content is Not Safe For Work. Inappropriate for the typical workplace, i.e., would not be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues. For example nudity, pornography.

How to make a gif

  1. Upload images. Click "SELECT PHOTOS" and choose several images from your desktop pc or mobile device.
  2. Images order. Drag images to get them ordered correctly in animation.
  3. Adjust settings. Select desired size and speed, enter optional name and tags to describe your gif. Check Private if you don't want your gif be visible for others. And check NSFW flag if needed.
  4. Make animation. Click "CREATE GIF" button to get your gif ready.

The most popular way to make a gif from images is to use animation maker. These easy steps are all you need to create your gif online. By the way, if you want to try some other tool to compare, you may try this gif maker. You will be satisfied!

Gif maker limitations

Maximum size allowed for uploaded image is 10MB. This is more than enough to get a good quality GIF animation.
Amount of images allowed in one GIF file is 10. Size of a GIF file increases dramatically with adding every new image. According to our experience, users exceed this limitation very rarely. And having 10 images in one GIF is quite enough.